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Synthetic Grass for Sydney Builders

Are you a builder looking to add synthetic grass to your project to achieve the best result for the structure you build? Precision Turf works with builders by supplying synthetic grass suited for development projects in Sydney.

For many years Sydney builders have highlighted their projects’ landscapes with the power of synthetic grass. Not only is it a game-changer for any landscape design, but it’s also time-saving, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.

With synthetic turf, you can create the best lawn for your property without doing the hard work of soil preparation, seeding, watering, and waiting for the grass to grow. Synthetic grass can be rolled out quickly and easily, instantly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your project. It can impact the overall landscape and the speed of the project transformation – saving time, money and other resources.

If you’re a Sydney builder, contact us and let’s talk about how we can help save you money on your next project.

If you’re a builder, how can we help you?

With its extensive experience in artificial turf installation, Turf Precision can provide invaluable assistance to Sydney builders aiming to enhance your landscapes with synthetic grass. Here’s how:

Expert Consultation: Turf Precision begins by providing a thorough consultation to understand the specific needs of each project. They can recommend the best synthetic grass type based on the area’s intended use, environmental factors, and budget.

Quality Products: Turf Precision supplies high-quality synthetic grass to withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions and maintain its lush appearance over time. Their products are safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

Professional Installation: Turf Precision ensures a smooth and efficient installation process. From preparing the ground to securing the turf and adding finishing touches, their expert installers handle every step with precision and care.

Maintenance Advice: While synthetic grass requires minimal maintenance, Turf Precision can provide builders with tips and guidelines to keep the turf looking its best for years.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Turf Precision helps builders save on long-term costs related to watering, mowing, fertilising, and general upkeep associated with natural grass. This makes the synthetic grass a cost-effective solution for large-scale projects.

By partnering with Turf Precision, Sydney builders can transform their landscapes using synthetic grass, adding aesthetic value to their projects while enjoying the benefits of a low-maintenance, durable, and environmentally-friendly solution. Contact us today to get started.

Precision Turf offer high-quality, Long-Lasting artificial turf backed by extensive warranties for your peace of mind.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

No Mowing

No Watering

No Weeding

Pet Friendly

Child Friendly

Quick Drying

Very Little Maintenance

Wide Range of Applications

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Reviews from the web
Oscar Aliaga recommends Precision Turf.
Anchored Height Safety
Excellent service and professional work; Mitch have done an amazing job transforming my backyard in to a very nice place. Definitely, I recommend Mitch to anyone seeking for a professional artificial grass installation. We are very happy with the work. !!!Well done Mitch!!!.
Lyn Moore recommends Precision Turf.
Anchored Height Safety
Great service from the phone call to the finished installation. Mitch takes pride in his work and is very knowledgeable. Precision turf have a range of grass to select including pet friendly options which is what we needed for my family. Definitely recommending him to family and friends.
Jason Arraj recommends Precision Turf.
Anchored Height Safety
Amazing work! Clean perfect and fast. Mitch was extremely professional and polite, absolutely loved the final product. My backyard looks perfect now !

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