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High-Quality & Plushy Fake Grass for Rooftops

Are you looking to turn your rooftop into a beautiful landscape? Fake grass for rooftops is a way to go!

If you’re considering adding some greenery to your rooftop in Sydney, but don’t want the hassle of maintaining living plants – Precision Turf can help you. We’re a professional, local, and experienced supplier and expert installer ensuring superior quality and longevity of your fake grass.

As a leading supplier of fake grass for rooftops, you can choose from our variety of synthetic turf styles, from fine, blade-like grass to more lush options with a thicker pile..

Installing synthetic turf has become increasingly popular on rooftops for both residential and commercial buildings – and it’s evident all over Sydney!

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The Benefits of Installing Fake Grass on Your Rooftops

Low Maintenance: It stays green all year round, doesn’t need watering, and you don’t have to worry about pests or weeds. A quick brush once in a while can help keep the blades looking good.

Aesthetically Pleasing: It’s aesthetically pleasing, adding a touch of luxury to your rooftop. The lush green colour adds a splash of nature to any space, no matter how urban your rooftop is.

Energy Efficient: According to research, synthetic turf can reduce heat gain in buildings by 30-50% allowing you to save on energy bills.

Environmental Benefits: Since it doesn’t need watering, you’ll be saving water and contributing to water conservation efforts. You don’t have to use pesticides or fertilisers with fake grass, meaning fewer pollutants will enter the environment. A high-quality artificial turf product made with recycled materials, reduces waste in landfills.

Who’s the best team to choose to supply and install your fake grass?

A professional, local, and experienced supplier and installer is the team you need – and we are here ready to go above and beyond to help you. We have the necessary expertise, skills, and equipment to ensure that your fake grass is of superior quality, properly installed, and long-lasting.

We understand how the climate, traffic, and other factors unique to Sydney can affect the performance of your fake grass and will recommend the best product for your needs.

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Precision Turf offer high-quality, Long-Lasting artificial turf backed by extensive warranties for your peace of mind.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

No Mowing

No Watering

No Weeding

Pet Friendly

Child Friendly

Quick Drying

Very Little Maintenance

Wide Range of Applications

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Reviews from the web
Oscar Aliaga recommends Precision Turf.
Anchored Height Safety
Excellent service and professional work; Mitch have done an amazing job transforming my backyard in to a very nice place. Definitely, I recommend Mitch to anyone seeking for a professional artificial grass installation. We are very happy with the work. !!!Well done Mitch!!!.
Lyn Moore recommends Precision Turf.
Anchored Height Safety
Great service from the phone call to the finished installation. Mitch takes pride in his work and is very knowledgeable. Precision turf have a range of grass to select including pet friendly options which is what we needed for my family. Definitely recommending him to family and friends.
Jason Arraj recommends Precision Turf.
Anchored Height Safety
Amazing work! Clean perfect and fast. Mitch was extremely professional and polite, absolutely loved the final product. My backyard looks perfect now !

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